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• 8/30/2018

No one care but heres a strat that i really like.

I have invented fireworks in eclipsis 5 months or so ago. It is made by placing down a small tank and reducing its health to critical. A friend then places 3 or less satchel charges on the low hp tank, followed by you spamming 10-50 of those.
As you hear your friend presses E(beep beep beep beeeeeep) you then wait a second then press E. After the tank explodes it will scatter the satchel charges everywhere. You could use the kamikaze barge strategy and will do most damage than a standard kamikaze barge. If you dont like dying(obviously) then you could hang the bomb over the edge of the barge using a damaged pipe so that you or a friend drops it over an enemy base (this technique requires weeks of training and is hard to master).
Another more easier way is to have 3 people. You will need a sacrifice and 2 people with satchels. This is the exact same way as the tank but the sacrifice is launched by a launch pad on a barge. It is better this way as the guy with the bombs can walk to the enemy pumps or main pipes which will shut down the base entirely(though explosives will easily counter it as well as turrets and miniguns).

OH YES DONT FORGET the laser drill toppler. The laser drill, oh yes, this thing literally eats through blocks of the map and making it disappear into oblivion. You can use a sneaky barge under the map while carrying a group of people with laser drills. With 1 person you can drill the pillar of a base in less than 30 seconds(counting the time it takes to pull the iridium from the ocean). This strategy is too overpowered early game as long as you have 600 iridium and a barge. The pillar gets drilled so quickly that the enemy has barely any time to react and place an anchor. It is really overpowered.

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• 10/1/2018

Of course this is a good strategy if your with your friends, but if you are with random noobs or by yourself what I like to do is use a pipe attached to a barge and then put the charges on the pipe. Then you drill the pipe off when your as high as possible above their base and you are moving, so that they scatter. Then you activate them and it causes explosions in a small scatter. It doesn't have too much of a large area but totally can destroy condenser spams or clusters of buildings.

• 12/8/2018

Yeah that is pretty good but cluster bombs looks way cooler and it is a reliable bomb to use as kamikaze

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