The Arsenal is a building that uses stored iridium to produce weapons. It is very cheap to build and provides access to produce all the portable weapons in the game. It is recommended to get an Arsenal as early as possible, or else you could easily be overtaken or rushed.


The Arsenal contains 4 categories: Guns 1, Guns 2, Explosives, and Tools.

Guns 1

All of the weapons in this category are automatic. The weapons contained in this category are the SMGAssault Rifle, and Minigun.

Guns 2

The weapons in this category are guns that are semi-automatically fired. The weapons contained in this category are the PistolShotgun, and Sniper Rifle. The Arsenal also used to have the Anti armor rifle. (Anti Armor rifle has been removed since November 8th, 2018.)


The weapons in this category are launchers that produce explosive objects. The weapons contained in this category are the Grenade LauncherRocket Launcher, Cruise Missile and the Satchel Charge.


This category contains the Scanner and the Laser Drill.

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