The Artillery is a Static Weapon that uses iridium to fire powerful rockets over long distances.


To use the artillery, a player must be sitting in the control seat. They can then use WASD to control the turret, and click to fire a rocket. The artillery rocket is affected by gravity similar to the Rocket Launcher, though the artillery's rockets travel further and do more damage. If the artillery is on an unanchored or ungrounded surface (such as a barge), it will be powerfully forced backwards.

To load the artillery, it needs to be connected to a system that contains at least 160 iridium (so a single Distributor Cap does not work). Once there is enough iridium available, the artillery will take it all to begin creating a rocket - this takes 8 seconds. Once the rocket is finished, the artillery can be fired, and the artillery will require another 160 iridium to begin creating a new rocket. Artillery rockets are very powerful, and can destroy a Pipe in 2 hits, or remove 30% of a shield's health, making it the most powerful ranged anti-material weapon in the game.


The artillery has one of the longest ranges of any weapon, however since it is slow to set up and must remain stationary, it is still very vulnerable to enemy interference. A ground artillery must be set up within 20 to 30 terrain tiles of the target you intend to hit - artillery placed on ruins or in skybases may reach up to 40 tiles.
Since artillery uses a lot of iridium to fire, it is usually best to use Transceivers to transport iridium from your base, instead of trying to produce it on location.

It is not recommended to use the artillery against enemy players or barges, as it has a long reload and cannot adjust it's aim quickly to hit a moving target. Enemy players can also avoid the artillery shots by hiding underground. Despite this, the powerful explosive force of the shots can often be enough to knock players into the ocean if it explodes nearby.

Firing artillery on a Hover Barge will usually lead to the barge being knocked backwards into the ocean, but this can be prevented using a Spatial Anchor. With this trick, artillery can be used on a barge, allowing teams to build the artillery from a safe location and move it in when ready, entirely avoiding the main weakness of artillery. Note that since barges cannot fly more than 180 studs above ground level, static artillery can have a slightly higher range than artillery placed on a barge.


Artillery will do crippling damage to bases very quickly, so the best method to beat an opponent using artillery is to prevent them building one within range of you.
Good weapons for this are the Sniper Rifle, which works very well at similar ranges to artillery, Cruise Missiles for disrupting bases at long range (though these can be blocked easily if there is ground in front of the artillery), or building your own artillery in your base, and using it to shoot at any artillery they try to build within range. Alternatively, leaving your base and confronting the enemy at close range is also an effective tactic.

This approach does not work if the enemy builds their artillery on a barge, as the artillery can be constructed inside their base and then be driven within range to immediately fire. Dealing with artillery barges is incredibly difficult as they are highly mobile and do not have a vulnerable setup period.

Pros & Cons


  • Extreme damage.
  • Long range.
  • Can shoot in an arc over obstacles.
  • Good for taking out heavily fortified bases.


  • Expensive to build and fire.
  • Must be constructed near the enemy base (unless using a barge).
  • Must be anchored to fire without pushing itself into the ocean.
  • Turret moves very slowly.
  • Needs to be connected to a tank to work.
  • Mostly ineffective against moving targets.
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