• Academyjr64

    Ahem. I'm a new player, and I have pretty specific standards when it comes to games that I enjoy. Now anyways, despite getting an education from the tutorial, I'm still not exactly sure how to do a few things.

    First off, how do I effectively power all my crap? At first I created a Well Pump and three Condensers, and piped them up to a fuel tank as well as nearby Distributors and an Automechanic, but they don't seem to be pumping out very much power. Furthermore, the nearby Spawn Point shut down, probably because I was exhausting all of the iridium.

    What should I do? Can someone gimme a tutorial on powering things such as my orbital strike cannons?

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    My barge design

    February 25, 2019 by RiskoZoSlovenska

    Why are you here lol

    So what do you:

    1. Upgrade Well Pump to max
    2. Create a semi-tall tower with Ladder Blocks
    3. Build a Transceiver on top of the tower
    4. Make a pipeline from the Transceiver to the bottom of the ladder
    5. Put a Distributor Cap on the bottom opening.

    If you want, around the Mainland, around Well Pipes, create a max lvl Well Pump connected to a Transceiver.

    1. Spawn a Barge
    2. Place a Distributor Cap on the input pipe; that'll keep it hovering while you build.
    3. Build two Condensers beside the input pipe, with their output pipes pointing the same way as the Barge's
    4. Build two T-Junctions on the Condensers, their small pipes pointing towards the Barge's output pipe.
    5. Connect the large T-Junction pipes together with a Pipe.
    6. Connect the top small pipe to the Ba…

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  • Krvkn

    sight of fun

    February 20, 2019 by Krvkn

    i heard this after game. 'sight of fun is all different. i mean, rushing could be fun to you, but not to me. maybe should think about this cause there are lot of anti-rushers and rushers. Of course sight of fun is different, to someone rush is fun but to someone it doesn't. so if we make rusher impossible or harder it will be fine? no, blocking or making rushing harder make this moment worse cause rushers hate it. so if leave this moment it will be fine? no! anti-rushers says we waited for 2 months for fix this problem. of course 'fix' is blocking rush or making rush harder. then what? when we have two way but when all what should we do? making anti-rushers not angry? but only way to make them not angry is just making rush harder or blocki…

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  • MayonnaiseIsReal

    Rushing Strategies

    January 24, 2019 by MayonnaiseIsReal

    You read the title, let's get into it. Tired of getting bored in the late-game? Tired of lag ruining a decent match? Rushing is a good solution to winning.

    So, here are (some) strategies for rushing the enemies.

    Name: Drill Toppling

    Description: In this strategy, your goal is to topple the enemy starter base as soon as possible. Since most enemies have their main base on their starter island, this strategy works almost every time.

    First, get your base started up. Well pump, small tank, arsenal, connect it to spawn point. Make sure the well pump is fully upgraded. Next, build a bridge to the mainland. Find a path to the enemy base. Once you've done that, go back to your base and make a Laser Drill from the Arsenal. Go near the enemy base, and e…

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  • Star1954

    Newcomer's Guide

    August 17, 2018 by Star1954

    Eclipsis is a game that's balanced between building and fighting. Building requires a resource called "Iridium" which is extracted through various means. Almost everything uses or interacts with iridium, weapons use iridium as an ammunition source, machines use it as a power source, the only things that do not interact with it are structure blocks.

    Iridium is extracted through multiple methods, either from the ocean below, the atmosphere, or various crystals scattered around the map. During early game, players "pull" iridium from crystals, and (rarely) the ocean to construct extractors, tanks, and pipes. The main strategy is to pull from nearby crystals and construct a well-pump and a regular tank. The well-pump extracts iridium from the oc…

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  • ElectricGun100

    Awesome Tactics

    August 16, 2018 by ElectricGun100

    So ive been playing eclipsis a long time ago when videos are made and then i always team up with my roblox friend and we make a pro team and we barely lose. This is some cheap tactics we made that are really 'LOL' to use.

    Cluster bomb: so a friend places 1-3 satchels on a nearly broken small tank. You place all u can. Your friend ignites it first and a second later you ignite, causing the tank to explode and the satchels to go everywhere. You could hang it off a pipe from your barge and drop it into the enemy's base. VERY useful for destroying base with walls.

    High damage
    RIP everyone in the base

    Too tactical
    Can fail easily
    Base needs to have walls in order to get damaged

    Nuke missile tactic: really annoying for noobs and rage…

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  • Mrmatto


    August 8, 2018 by Mrmatto

    300 robux to whoever can make an iridium system have a capacity of over 1,000,000 iridium(must be on a gauge). 60 to whoever can have a gauge show 50,000 iridium being moved/second.

    put proof in comments video preferred 5 photos need to be taken from 5 different angles if doing screenshots

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    So, you might be confused, what exactly is iridium? Depends. The in-game iridium, or real-life iridium?

    In both cases, it's a chemical element. In-game, (which takes place in the future, where planetary transportation is possible), it is a very rare element which was found in large quantities on the planet of Eclipsis. The thing that makes it so valuable is that it can be easily separated into the basic particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) and then these particles can be assembled into almost any matter via machines. This means that from a bunch of iridium, you make pretty much anything, from a cake to a massive destroyer robot. For more information on how exactly in-game iridium behaves, and the full story, visit the Eclipsis Lore. …

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  • RiskoZoSlovenska

    So when you build your base, its usually on your Starter Island. You have a good position there, and people can't sneak in through the underground. However, we hear it all the time: "Your starter island is easily sunk, better expand into the mainland". So far, I have seen the enemies try to sink our island only once. If they had succeded, our whole island would have sunk, and almost everything we had build would be lost. Well, what if they HAD succeded? We would almost surely loose (we lost that match anyway). Well, there is a protection: the Spatial Anchor. It says that it anchors itself, so stuff doen't fall down. However, me and some other people had been wondering, if it works, and to what degree. So, I decided that I'm going to go to …

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  • MrMeaf


    February 14, 2018 by MrMeaf

    Hello everyone! My name is Sam, one of the main Administrators of this Wikia, aswell as the manager of the trello for bug reports and suggestions. This wikia is the official one of several that have been created by members of the community.

    You can find the game here

    You can find the trello here

    You can find the eclipsis discord here

    You can find the eclipsis wikia discord here

    If you find a bug or have a suggestion for eclipsis you can contact me in the following ways:

    Message me on Discord: SamY#0001
    Post on my wikia message wall

    If you have any questions or issues regarding the wikia, you can post on any of these administrators and wikia managers.

    Thank you all very much!


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  • Epicboy3O

    Ruin-top base

    April 5, 2017 by Epicboy3O

    I made a ruin-top base. What do you think? Any improvements i could do?

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