Bridges are commonly-used structures mainly used to get from the team's island to the mainland. They resemble flat, rectangular bridges, usually not capable of crossing a gap by itself. However, it is very easy to link more of them together, meaning that they can very easily cross large gaps. Due to the width of the bridge, walking and moving over it with Hover Barges is quite easy, as well as stretching pipes over it is. The bridges are commonly used because of their simplicity and wideness, however a Keep placed horizontally might be more suitable to quickly and cheaply cross gaps. Bridges are also used to patch up holes in the terrain, to expand Barges and to make seabases.

If a bridge is placed on the barrel of an Artillery, and the Artillery moves its barrel, the bridge(s) will move with it, moving through all solid objects. This method, sometimes nicknamed an "Arty-Bridge", can be used to effectively create moving bridges, however is not used commonly due to the big price of the Artillery, and due to the fact that not many people don't possess knowledge of this.

Pros and Cons


  • Simple
  • Easy to make and use
  • Wide, means that walking and hovering over it will be no problem
  • Due to its design, stretching pipes over bridges is extremely simple and easy
  • Not destroyed too easily
  • Allows to expand Barges and to patch up holes in the mainland


  • One unit by itself stretches a very small distance
  • Big - can give away the user
  • Barges expanded with them are greatly glitchy
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