The Cruise Missile is an explosive weapon manufactured by the arsenal. This weapon fires a 1-time, beeping, slow rocket that flies in a straight line until it hits something, at which point it explodes dealing very high damage. The cruise missile has the slowest fabrication speed and the highest cost out of all the weapons available in the arsenal other than a Laser Drill, but it can be used to cause extreme damage from far away. The missiles also can penetrate the forcefield generated by the Shield Generator. Many people will spam the fabrication and use of Cruise Missiles in order to take down bases. The best defense against cruises is to have walls and auto mechanics.

Pros & Cons


  • Can reach enemies whose defences prevent close attacks
  • Long Range
  • High Accuracy
  • The rockets are not affected by gravity, unlike the Rocket Launcher
  • Somewhat hard to notice
  • Ignores the Shield Generator's forcefield


  • 1-time use
  • Very expensive
  • Slow production time
  • The missile is very slow
  • Emitts a loud beeping noise, letting the enemies know about it
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