The Crystal Resonator is an Extractor. Its production varies depending on the number of crystals near the resonator. Once build, the resonator will extract iridium from nearby crystals and move it to its output pipe. It is noticeably more efficient than drawing iridium out of crystals manually, but still slowly depletes crystals it draws from.


The Crystal Resonator is a cheap extractor that can aid surface bases in the early game. However, its production and unreliability makes it difficult to utilise late game. This means that it should not be the only extractor powering a base.

As of December 23rd, 2018, this and other extractors now have a display showing how much iridium they are producing each second.

Pros & Cons


  • Very cheap
  • Very efficient
  • Crystals are abundant, making them easy to place


  • Must be placed next to at least one crystal
  • Crystals are slowly depleted

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