Distributor beam effect (added on August 16th, 2018)

The Distributor is a handy device that automates refueling, clears up piping systems, and provides a more flexible way to manage and transport Iridium.

Upon being placed, the Distributor emits Iridium-colored rays from the white sphere on top to any targets within a range of 48 studs. These rays are always straight, go through walls, but have a limited range. If they are connecting to a player, they attach to the player's tank's bottom. If they are connecting to a Distributor Cap, they attach to the Cap's blue circle.


When powered, the rays will become "active". Active rays send Iridium one-way to Distributor Caps and refuel the player's tank. The speed and amount of Iridium being sent to one unit depending on how much Iridium the Distributor has access to, and how many units are being powered. A Distributor connected just to one Submersible will refill a player's tank fast enough to allow the player to keep placing Satchel Charges constantly, and even if it's connected to a smaller system, it will allow the player to shoot other Weapons constantly, such as the Assault Rifle.

Distributor rays go through walls. A useful function of this is to place a Distributor on one side of a wall and Turrets with Distributor Caps on the other. The Distributor will power the Turrets through the wall without the need for piping.

Distributors can also be used to fill Spawn Points while preventing the spawn point tank from being depleted by Iridium withdrawals, such as upgrades made by the Upgrade Station.

The Well Pump's second upgrade is a Distributor for 150 iridium. It can be used for assisting in combat or fabrication; whatever works for the situation.

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