The Distributor Cap is a special cap that can receive iridium from distributors.

In appearance, it is almost identical to the normal cap. The only difference is that it has an iridium-colored circle in the middle of its flat surface. It also stores 50 iridium.

Upon being selected, just like the cap, it can be placed on a pipe's opening. Unlike the cap, however, it takes many hits to destroy, not just two. This is because unlike the cap, it is not meant to be used to close off leaks in a system.

The distributor Cap has two purposes, one of these is little known and uncommonly used.

First of all, the distributor cap can be used to transport iridium. To use that cap in such way, a distributor needs to be placed, powered within its range. When this criterion is met, the distributor will emit a blue ray that will connect with the distributor cap's circle and the distributor's white sphere. This connection will transport iridium one-way.

Such connections are useful because:

  1. It can transport iridium without the use of pipes, thus clearing up space.
  2. It can power moving objects without having to manually attach a pipe to them.
  3. It can transport iridium through objects, such as walls and the floor, meaning that one doesn't need to pull a pipe all the way around.
  4. It transports iridium one-way, like the drop tank. This is good, because then if a crucial part of one's base, such as the Spawn Point, is powered via a distributor cap, it will not deplete the iridium stored inside the spawn point when a costly purchase, such as an upgrade, is made.
  5. It can be used to power devices that should have a high priority. This happens because distributor caps have the highest priority to be powered over any other object.
  6. When an array of distributor caps is set up, immense amounts of iridium can be transported.

Pros & Cons


  • Very compact
  • Cheap
  • More durable than the cap
  • Allows for iridium transport via distributors
  • Improved version of the refill station
  • Can be pushed into


  • Needs a distributor for its main purpose to work
  • Needs to be inside the distributor's range
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