(just for clarity,, exotic matter isn’t necessarily negative mass, its a matter that has a unique property, iridium’s property is that it can be broken down into just about any element or alloy for a wide range of uses.)

Iridium theory(just a catchy title) Iridium, in a nutshell, is an exotic matter, its uses range from construction to weaponry. It can be broken down into just about any matter. Originally thought, Iridium was a rare material in the universe, as it rarely appeared throughout the galaxy.

However, this has been shattered to some extent, in recent years with the discovery of a world we choose to call “Eclipsis.”(Probably because of the constant eclipses every day?) Eclipsis is a world with oceans of Iridium. The prevailing theory for why this is the case is the moon size machine in orbit, it is to be noted that said machine is currently broken, but nevertheless, it is most likely the source.

Interesting things to note about Iridium: While it can’t be frozen, as it is “energy,”(in the most basic terms of course) It is still affected by temperature, colder environments prevents evaporation of Iridium, as where on the equator, there is a deadly mist of iridium at sea level. Iridium crystals can be formed through multiple methods, however, the most common is when the derricks form. At the bottom of the iridium ocean, the pressure is great enough to create these crystals, which may form on unfinished derricks underwater, which come along when it rises to the surface. Iridium as a liquid is very viscous, similar to that of jello, but more along the lines of a liquid.

The Eclipsis solar system


The Eclipsis solar system consists of a mars size world called “Eclipsis,” while to not reiterate me, it's a notable feature is that its surface is covered in iridium. Eclipsis still has remains of the cities on the planet long before the Iridium, however, they are rather plain in architecture, at least to humans. (Eclipsis is not on fire pls)
The previously mentioned ruins are under nonreactive waste that has built up over time, that's how we are able to interpret the structures.

Eclipsis had an irregular rotation before the Iridium oceans, why is this interesting? Because it implies that the planet may have been a colony of sorts, or at least not a homeworld of any race. There are 2 gas giants in the solar system, one notably has rings, the other does not. The sun is noteworthy, it's similar to ours in the sense that, the algae that is on Eclipsis is green, suggesting similar microbes to chlorophyll on earth. (Based on a similar light wavelength.)


The lack of more planets in the system is abnormal, considering the average rates of planets for a system with rocky planets.

The shape of the machine(made by Davidii himself) >

The machine
There is one other anomaly, there is a massive machine in orbit around Eclipsis, It's as big as the moon and close enough to cause solar Eclipses every day, hence the planets name. Just to add to its mystery, its orbit is impossible, it moves to slow for its relative position to Eclipsis, suggesting a form of propulsion is being used, of which has never been observed. It is also notable that the machine appears to be broken, with no obvious reason why, especially since there is no sign of conflict. There are many prevailing theories about the purpose of the machine, while my opinion is that it was a war machine, its equally likely just a machine for “mining” purposes. It converts “mundane matter”(Normal elements) to Iridium, which is an exotic matter. Of course, it seems harmless in principal, it converts matter, which can be used to convert normally useless worlds, into a reusable matter for any purpose. However, there is a more sinister use, It could be turned on its own or another's population, killing everyone on the planet, and whoever used said machine, could just collect the Iridium and rebuild for their own species.

The aliens

What we do know about them, is that they built the machine that is in orbit, we know this based on the architecture and artifacts of the planet. Otherwise, they are rather elusive.


Earth has become a decentralized world with no formal government, instead, there are “nation-corporations,” of which are at the whim of their people. The world in a nutshell is an an-cap wet dream(davidii an-cap confirmed?). The world is currently in a post-scarcity state, everyone enjoys basic living standards, not necessarily a UBI kind of standard, mainly because you get more than just money, presumably, food, clothing, etc. Obviously, with an automated world, income comes from less practical sources. For a lack of easier words, art, in the sense that people create virtual experiences, has become a primary form of income.

A notable mention is how civilians have a grasp on the mega corporations, making them impossible to exist without telling the truth, and only the truth. This is done through the heavily integrated use of the internet, with no major media outlets, people are hard to sway for anything. In this society, skepticism is a skill with no shortage. To clarify, most major media outlets died long ago, due to their untrustworthy nature, the internet replacing them, and nobody trusted them anymore.

Backpedaling to the aforementioned primary income source, its interesting to note that for 80 years on earth, all that was advanced was VR technology.

An Ironic situation on earth was that quantum computing, despite our belief its the future, had flopped in the Eclipsis universe, 10 years in its inception. With this in mind, digital computing, like today, is still a preferable method of computing, just in an exorbitantly more powerful sense. There are shortcomings of digital computing, even in the current age, specifically speaking; the brain. An example to be made here is the difference between vinyl(or analog, even in modern times people use DAC's and AMPs to convert digital sound to analog sound for better audio) and digital, this is due to how the information is stored; I mention this because it draws a parallel to the Eclipsis universe, where instead of digitally storing brains, they use the “cognitive drive,” which is essentially a compressed, silicon facsimile “brain.”

In the game, you can respawn, the means of which are derived from the pre-ftl earth, ironically for an entirely different purpose. The technology is now used to upload an identical consciousness to the new body. The question of if it being the same person or not, are purely spiritual in nature.

An interesting topic to mention is the case of cybernetics, you would expect a sufficiently advanced society would use cyborg enhancements, however, this is not the case. Due to the results of war, they were banned along with autonomous weapons.

The mercenaries
The mercenaries in Eclipsis all come with a suit, this suit is incredibly advanced and built for the Eclipsis environment. When they die on a derrick, spawn points they have set up can rebuild their bodies. The common reason for the suit to fail is when they are in the iridium fog at sea level, as it destroys the suits filter and slowly kills the person inside. It is to be noted that mercs don’t necessarily follow all the rules in society, an example is with the ban on autonomous weapons.

I implore you to check out the sources, as i left out some info for the sake of it being a summary. Sources:

By FenRave(or apeman2020, both work)