The Four-Way is a structure which consists of 3 pipe entrances. It is necessary to use either the Four-Way or the T-Junction to create a piped iridium network of more than 2 structures.


The Four-Way is used to branch a piped iridium network so that more structures may be connected to it. With one pipe leading into it, it can split the pipe into three. This is essential for creating large iridium networks. It is advised to place a Cap on the ends of unused entrances to avoid iridium leaking.


Placing of the Four-Way is comparable to the Pipe. When being placed, it will snap to open pipe entrances, allowing for secure connections. It is notable that the Four-Way does not need to be placed snapped to a pipe entrance.

It is also worth noting that the Four-Way's entrances' lengths are not all equal. This means its length and width are not equal.

Pros and Cons


  • Expands iridium networks
  • Useful for connecting many smaller structures
  • Has one more entrance than the T-Junction


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