The Gauge is a useful device that tells the total capacity and Iridium rate of the connected network. It somewhat resembles a Cap, with a device and a monitor attached to it. Just like a cap, it can only be placed on a pipe opening. It is widely used with T-Junctions.

When placed, the monitor will show 3 things. On the top is a number, which indicates how much Iridium is in the whole piping system, however, this does not carry over Distributors and Drop Tanks. In the middle, below the line, is another number. This number shows the maximum Iridium capacity of the piping system. On the bottom, is a slightly smaller number, which shows the Iridium flow. It is expressed as Iridium/second. When the circuit is not connected to a power source and there are no leaks, or if the circuit has reached its full Iridium capacity, it will show 0/sec meaning that the Iridium level is not changing, and the letters will be gray. If Iridium is being produced faster than it is being used, the number will show how much Iridium per second is being generated, and the number will be light blue. However, if the Iridium is being used faster than it's produced, (such as if only one Condenser is used to fuel a Spatial Anchor) the number will go into the minuses and the letters will turn orange.

The Gauge is very useful for managing a player's piping system and is recommended to be used in all systems. The gauge broke as of June 12, 2018, and no longer functioned at all, displaying just a line in the center. It was fixed on August 1, 2018.

Pros & Cons


  • Useful for managing Iridium supply
  • Informs the player about their capacity
  • Cheap
  • Somewhat small
  • Works same as a Cap


  • Way bigger and costs more than a Cap