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Note: the name "Gold Well Pipe" is a fan term coined for this particular location. It is unknown what it is officially called.

The Gold Well Pipe, often called the "Yellow Block", is a special end-game Location, targeted by large teams who want to wipe out enemy bases easily.

Appearance and Spawn Location


The Gold Well Pipe and the Yellow Block.

The Gold Well Pipe essentially is a Well Pipe with a yellow block on top of it. The yellow block is indestructible, and has a Pipe opening on the top. The block is a bright shade of yellow, making it stand out from the environment. It will always spawn around the middle of the map, making it fairly easy to find. When it does spawn, any terrain around it will be cleared, making it unobstructed.


The Gold Well Pipe only has 1 purpose; it is the only location in-game where one is able to build the Priority Beacon, the most expensive but extremely destructive weapon in the game. Beside this, the Gold Well Pipe has no other use as of now.