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The Grenade Launcher is a decent explosive weapon that creates and launches grenades. It costs 20 iridium per grenade.

It comes in handy when dealing with the player who tries to hide underground, and when trying to attack/destroy something above a barrier, such as a wall.

Upon being equipped, the player can then fire the grenade launcher, just like all other weapons. The gun's crosshairs are much different than other weapons'; instead of being the normal circle with a dot in the middle, it's a more complex shape that gives an advantage when dealing with weapons that have a high bullet drop. However, it also has terrible iron sights that are usually completely useless. When fired, the grenade launcher consumes iridium and fires a grenade. The grenade leaves behind a light trail of smoke and clings loudly when it bounces off a surface. After being shot, it waits 1.75 seconds, then explodes, dealing medium-high damage to nearby players, terrain, structures etc. Unlike all the other weapons, its muzzle velocity is extremely low, meaning that the grenades will not make it far.

Overall, it's a good weapon, great for bombing someone's base. It is hard to hit moving players, however, the fact that you can shoot over walls lets you take out players who are hiding behind such objects.

Pros & Cons


  • Cheap to manufacture
  • Shooting grenades is not too expensive
  • Allows you to shoot above walls
  • Great for bombing bases


  • Can waste iridium if not used carefully
  • Hard to hit a moving target
  • Grenades are loud
  • Players can damage themselves
  • Terrible muzzle velocity; has no chance against any longer-ranged weapon
  • Useless iron sights
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