The HollowBlock is a cheap basic block structure.


The HollowBlock is the same size as the standard Block, but as the name suggests, is hollow. It is also cheaper than the Block, but has less health. It has a color similar to many other structures and terrain, and is big enough for a Condenser to fit into.


HollowBlocks are most commonly used along with Condensers, because of how easy it is to place Condensers inside. Due to the HollowBlocks shape, it is much easier to stack HollowBlocks on top of each other than it is to stack Condensers on top of each other. However, building mass Condenser farms with HollowBlocks consumes more Iridium and uses up much more space.

However, using HollowBlocks allows one to place Condensers in much more extreme conditions, such as on the side of a Hover Barge easily.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheap
  • Pairs great with Condensers
  • Allows for more complex Condenser placement
  • Blends in with the terrain


  • Not much health and easily destroyed
  • Consumes much more space when building Condenser arrays with this


  • The Hollow Block's name is spelled without a space in game.
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