The Iridium Ocean is the giant pool of Iridium found at the bottom of the map.


Iridium Ocean-0

Iridium Ocean

The Iridium Ocean is a bright cyan color, for it is filled with Iridium. Iridium can be pulled from the Ocean, but if players get too close to the it, the thick Iridium fumes will cause damage, regardless of if they are actually touching it or not. This is due to the thick iridium fog, which destroys the suit's filter, causing the player to suffocate.

It is possible to swim in the Iridium Ocean, but the player will take damage rapidly. It is recommended that the player jumps continuously as they swim through it to minimize the amount of time as they are touching the Iridium. Any structures (including pieces of terrain) other than submersibles that touch the iridium ocean will instantly dissolve if they touch the ocean.


The Iridium Ocean can be used for various reasons. If one were to submerge a submersible fully in it, it would give the second best output of Iridium in the game (15/s), as of now.

The Iridium Ocean also supports Seabases, which are bases usually made of blocks or other structures, and are slightly above the level of the fumes where one would take damage. The Iridium flow would be constant, as there would usually be an abundance of submersibles.

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