The Keep is a defensive tower-like structure that can be produced for 60 iridium.

The Keep is similar to the wall, except that it is not as wide, has a ladder on one side and has a roof on top. The roof is slanted the way the Keep is facing. This is beneficial because if a turret is placed on top of the Keep, it will have more range in front of the base where people will most likely try to attack. The roof also provides shelter for people who like to use the sniper rifle. Due to how the ladder is placed, if a Keep is placed slanted next to a wall, the wall's side will block people from using the ladder. Because of this, Keeps are usually placed parallel to walls, or right on each side of a gate.

Although not made for it, keeps can also be used as bridges. If a player needs to quickly cross a gap between two islands on the mainland, the Keep is a good choice because of how long it is. One would need at least 3 or 4 bridges to cross a gap that the Keep can easily cover. Also, because of the slanted roof, several Keeps can be placed on top of each other to create efficient longer bridges to cross even wider gaps.

Pros & Cons


  • Great to place turrets on
  • If a condenser is placed on the roof of a Keep, it will produce 2.2 iridium/second.
  • Great for snipers
  • Great for quick bridges
  • Ladder can also be used to climb up to a higher elevation


  • Smaller than the wall
  • Bridges made out of Keeps are messy and players can fall off easily
  • Other walls can block the ladder
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