Known Bugs / Glitches

Confirmed Bugs / Glitches

This section is for bugs that have occurred more than once.

- Trampoline: Random objects fling players that collide with them, usually making a game unplayable, as even terrain can be affected. This may be patched. 

- World Flip: A section of the map suddenly flips, usually flips 90 degrees. It seems that even a powered spacial anchor does not stop this from happenings. Occasionally, this will begin immediately at the start of the game, around the welding phase, causing a purple tint on some parts of the spawned terrain.

- Respawn glitch: Two people respawning on a spawn at the same time will make one or both of them not spawn at all. Resetting character or relogging fixes it.

Patched Bugs / Glitches

- Speed glitch: A glitch that allows unnaturally high speed .The method will not be told, since there are some out there who would abuse it.

Unconfirmed Bugs / Glitches

This section is for bugs or glitches that have not happened more than once.

- Island disappearing glitch: Happens when you launch on a launch pad then sitting at the same time on that connected island. It is very hard to recreate.

- Superspeed barge: Exactly what it sounds like; method to recreate currently unknown.