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The Laser Drill is a tool added on August 16th, 2018, that rapidly fires short-range lasers. This drill does almost no damage to enemies, but deals a lot of damage to structures, as well as the map itself. This tool allows you to quickly drill through map supports and enemy structures. This tool is currently able to drill pump lines, but there have been times in the past were it was not able to.


A player can sever undefended enemy pipelines, allowing sabotage of the enemy iridium supply. These severed ends can even be used to feed off the opponent's iridium.

A player can go under the enemy's base and drill off the blocks at the bottom, causing the enemy's base to fall and sink into the iridium ocean, or cut off sections of the terrain to make it more difficult for others to attack you.

Pros & Cons


  • Deals massive damage to structures and terrain
  • Quickly destroy enemy bases
  • Relatively low Iridium cost for use
  • Can destroy a priority beacon with less than 50% of your tank full, making it more effective than destroying one with an artillery


  • Semi-expensive to manufacture
  • Does not damage players that much
  • Short Range
  • Very loud and flashes a red light, letting enemies know you're drilling
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