The Laser Strike is the only weapon that can be created in the S.S.I.M and the only Tactical Strike available. It has an appearance similar to the Scanner. When left clicked, corporations starships orbiting the Eclipsis planet fire a laser beam at your targeted location 5-6 times, heavily damaging and destroying any objects in close range to the strike. The targeter has a short range, forcing the player to get close to use it. Upon the latest update, the laser strike does 95% damage to shields, almost completely destroying it if it was at 100% charge. The laser strike was the first of it's time being the only one-time use weapon. The laser strike has been subject to nerfing numerous times. At a point, the laser strike only costed 1k iridium, which allowed players to quickly rush them and destroy the competition. Later, it was nerfed to 8k iridium, then it to 4k. Not quite 1k, but the community is fine with the current cost of the laser strike.
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