The Lobby is the place which you spawn in when you join an Eclipsis Server.



"Nice!" Pad


"Yee" Pad

The Lobby is a very large room, it consists of six Shuttles named and colored red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple by default. There are two pads on the floor when touched, they will play a specific meme sound. On the left is the Michael Rosen "Nice!" sound effect pad and on the right is the Yee meme. Directly opposite to the shuttles is a miniature tutorial for Eclipsis, which explains the basics of the game. On the far left there is a teleporter. Standing on it will cause the player to levitate above it for several seconds then the player will be teleported to a Practice Mode server. The lobby also has 3 large balls about the diameter of a player. These balls can be pushed around the lobby and, although difficult, can be pushed into a shuttle.


  • The walls of the Lobby use the same decal as the background of the Portafab.

Practice mode teleporter