Mounted Iridium Tank

A Mounted Iridium Tank is a tank mounted on your back. When you spawn in, it is empty, but it can be refilled by pulling iridium with your portafab, other players filling the tank, or automatically by a distributor when in range. In addition to being able to fill team members' tanks with iridium, players can pull iridium from their teammates' tanks, emptying theirs and filling their own

It stores 100 iridium by default but can be upgraded in an Upgrade Station, in increments of 100.

The tank's bottom has thrusters that attach to the tank. It can be activated by tapping space twice in a quick succession, draining 2-3 iridium from the tank and launching the player up in the process.

There was bug where the back display showed that the tank was always full when in reality it isn't. As of December 17th 2018, it has been fixed