The Pipe is a structure which connects pipe openings and iridium-powered machines to form an iridium network. As Pipes only have 2 entrances, the T-Junction and the Four-Way must be used to connect more than 2 structures to an iridium network.

Upon being selected from the menu, the player must choose where to place both ends of the pipe by clicking two desired locations. If the player hovers their mouse over another pipe's entrance, the blueprint will snap to it, forming a secure connection. Once both ends are placed and the pipe is built, iridium will be able to pass through it.

There are limits to how pipes can be placed and rotated. They cannot exceed a distance of more than ~100 studs nor be shorter than ~10 studs, and cannot have angles sharper than ~100 degrees. If sharp angles are desired, consider using the Elbow.

There are alternate ways to transport iridium. Consider using the Distributor coupled with Distributor Caps to connect many small, minor buildings (like the Turret), or if long distances need to be covered, consider using the Transceiver.

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