The Platform Block is a Block used for building off the sides of objects. It snaps to Slab Block and other Platform Blocks.


The Platform Block looks similar to the Slab Block, with the exception that it has a wall mount. It sports a grey color similar to the color of other structures and the terrain.


The Platform Block is best used for quick and cheap bridges, and it comes in super handy for climbing vertical surfaces. If you are planning to set up a lot of Submersibles, it is recommended that you build a Platform Block just above the Ocean's damage level, and then stand on it and build the Submersibles.

One might cover their Hover Barge in Platform Blocks and Slab Blocks to act as shields against anti-personnel weapons, and to camouflage their barge with the background. They may also be used to expand the space on a Barge.

Pros and Cons


  • Very cheap
  • Useful for building things at Ocean level
  • Great for quick and cheap bridges
  • Small, hard to notice
  • Pairs well with Hover Barges


  • Easily destroyed
  • Easier to fall off of when using it as a bridge.

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