The Point Defense is a strong, powerful turret. It is essentially an upgraded version of the standard Turret, with higher damage/rate of fire, health, and the ability to snap to defense structures, allowing for seamless integration to your defenses. It consumes 4 Iridium per shot, and fires 4 shots before having to quickly reload. It's shots deal 8 HP per hit, causing a player to be killed at 12 hits. Due to the gun's location on top of a tower, it can potentially kill people inside of Hover Barges if they are low enough, but not the Barge itself. Like other turrets, it can be powered by a Distributor and a Distributor Cap.


It's high rate of fire and vantage point, combined with its ability to snap to defense structures make it a very effective anti-personnel defense or deterrent. However, due to its cost, it is preferable late game. Because of it's high location, it has trouble shooting at intruders that are right under it, and so regular Turrets should also be used.


The turret appears to be a remodeled version of the keep. It removes the top and has an iridium port on the bottom. The turret is located on the top and shoots out of the four ports on the gun itself.


Specs cannot be monitored until the Gauge is fixed.

Against The Point Defense

The Point Defense has high health, and takes a rather long time to destroy. The best course of action is to disable it, unless the attacker has access to heavy weaponry, such as an Artillery. A good technique is to hide behind a structure so the Point Defense can't target you. Standing next to it also makes it unable to shoot you.

When disabling the Point Defense, the best thing to do is to destroy the source, whether that is a Pipe, Distributor Cap or similar. Trying to destroy the Pump or the Distributor is a bad idea, as the Distributor Cap has enough Iridium stored for the turret to still kill you.

Pros and Cons


  • Very fast reload.
  • Very high damage.
  • Long ranged.
  • Very accurate.


  • Very costly to make (1,400 Iridium).
  • Takes a quite bit of iridium to use. 
  • Can still be out-ranged by cruise missiles or artillery. 
  • When attempting to snap it to the left side of a wall, the Iridium port will face away, causing it to be difficult (and impractical) to use. 
  • Cannot shoot attackers when they are too close. 
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