The Reservoir is an iridium storage tank in Eclipsis. It has the largest tank capacity of any tank in the game. It costs 3000 and holds 9000, making it an effective tank to use. It is used mostly during late-game, when you start needing more iridium to build and produce items. Because of its massive size, this tank cannot be used on stealthy barges or placed in certain locations. It is supported by four pillars. Players are allowed to build in the space underneath the tank. Unlike other tanks, the output/input pipe for this tank is underneath the tank.

All iridium inside the tank will be lost when destroyed. This tank does not have a refill console.

Pros & Cons

  • Pro - It holds much more than a large tank.
  • Pro - It provides building space underneath it.
  • Con - Destroying it makes you loose all the iridium inside. This is true for all tanks, but it is important for this tank because of the amount it stores.
  • Con - It takes a while to build.
  • Con - It takes up a lot of space.