The Rocket Launcher is a heavy explosive weapon that uses Iridium to create and launch a medium-speed rocket. It requires 35 Iridium per rocket fired. It deals 75 explosive damage against players, and 200 to structures.

The rockets move at medium speed in a gentle arc, so they can be easily avoided. However, if the rocket comes into contact with anything, the rocket explodes, dealing heavy damage and flinging nearby players and loose items away. A single, direct rocket explosion is usually enough to deal heavy damage to a player. The Rocket Launcher is also the weapon of choice for combating hover barges, as it is not too hard to hit, and the large explosion is usually enough to fling the Barge away, hopefully into the ocean. However, the Rocket Launcher is not cheap, and will quickly drain a player of their Iridium supply if not managed carefully.

Eclipsis - Rocket Launcher Reference

Eclipsis - Rocket Launcher Reference

Pros & Cons


  • High damage
  • Fairly affordable
  • Rockets are hard to see, and only a few people can dodge them
  • Has a pretty large splash range


  • Uses a lot of iridium to fire
  • It is very hard to directly hit a moving player or a Hover Barge
  • Splash damage can harm or kill the user or a teammate
  • Takes a long time to reload
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