The S.S.I.M was added in the LS update. The S.S.I.M (Surface to Space Iridium Mover) is a structure that uses stored iridium to create space weaponry. It can currently only create Laser Strikes. When a weapon is being manufactured inside of it, the distributor-like object on the side sends a blue beam, the same used in distributors, up into the sky supposedly onto a space station in orbit of Eclipsis.


The appearance of the S.S.I.M is a hybrid between the arsenal and the distributor. The S.S.I.M has a smaller interface to build weapons than the arsenal. The button positioned on the S.S.I.M is located more so in the middle than evenly spaced as seen in the arsenal.


Tactical Strikes

Tactical strikes are currently the only category in the S.S.I.M user interface. The only tactical strike currently in game is the laser strike, and more are anticipated to be added in future updates.

Laser Strike

A single, powerful laser strikes the designated location from orbit, generating a medium-sized, but powerful explosion. The explosion will immediately destroy pipes and severely damage most other structures, including the terrain. There is no charge up time, and the laser is hitscan. The target designator is discarded after a single use and has a limited range, forcing you to get somewhat close to your target.


  • Creates some of the most powerful weapons in the game


  • Costs a lot to build
  • Costs a lot to manufacture weapons
  • Weapons take a while to manufacture
  • Sends a bright beam into space, letting enemies on the map know where you are and that you have an S.S.I.M
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