The Scanner is a tool built in the Arsenal and can scan shields and find players. It costs 15 iridium to scan shields and 35 iridium to scan players. There are two modes on a Scanner, which can be switched between by pressing E. These two modes are Shield scanning and personal radar scanning. To use the shield scanner mode, which is selected by default on the Scanner, the player needs to aim their cursor on a forcefield generated by a Shield Generator, and the percentage of how much the shield is charged will show up on the Scanner's display. If the Scanner is used without targetting a forcefield, it will say "INPUT ERROR" on the screen. The personal radar mode works differently. Once the Scanner is used, it will scan and the whole area in front of it. This scan has no recorded range limit, however it only scans the area in front of the Scanner. When the area is scanned, a diamond will appear above each player. The color of the diamond shows which team they are on. The diamond is visible through walls, and will not move when the player that was scanned changes location. The diamonds remains there for a few seconds, then will start to fade out. The diamonds are also visible only to the player who use the Scanner.
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