Small Sea-Base example (made by Thundermaker300 and NitrousoxideN2O

A Seabase, Oceanbase or Waterbase, depending on what you may call it, is a base that is almost the complete opposite of Skybase. Instead of being build up in the Sky, it is build down by the Iridium Ocean below. These bases require very little Iridium to start, as Iridium can be easily extracted from the Ocean with the Portafab.


There are multiple different ways of building an Seabase. The first, but quickest and most dangerous, is jumping into the Iridium ocean, and swimming to the supports. The second is to build downwards, usually using Platform Blocks. While this is a very safe option and will give you a great staring point, it takes a lot of time and Iridium. Finally, the third option is to take a Hover Barge and hover down to the Ocean (Avoid pressing Q, as this will dump you into the Ocean). One might place Tanks or a Fabricator on their Barge to assist with building.

When you are at the optimal elevation, it is time to build the platform. Walls are commonly used as they are big, relatively cheap and flat, they snap to each other and they have a lot of health, being able to withstand heavy blows.

Skybases, which are powered by Condensers, are known to have access to a very large Iridium income, due to the fact that Condensers at such high elevation will produce insane amounts of Iridium. However, Seabases arguably have the largest Iridium income, as many Submersibles can be build easily. Due to how much Iridium Submersibles produce, even a small number will produce an outstanding income; just 8 Submersibles will produce 96 Iridium/second.

Usually, after building a small platform and a few Submersibles, a Fabricator and a Distributor are used to make the base building process easier. A very important part of building a good Seabase is that you build make defenses; Shield Generators, Turrets, and other defenses will make sure you are kept safe from attacks. Seabases can be easily expanded and because of the large Iridium income, maintaining several Shield Generators is not a problem. Walls are not necessary, however helpful, and will prevent attacker coming in from the sides, making the top the only effective way get in. It is recommended you place Arc Turrets beside the Walls from the inside to prevent anyone from destroying them. It might be a good idea to make a roof out of Walls as well; it will stop attackers from jumping down to your base. Don't forget to place many Turrets to fend off any attackers. Standard Tanks are recommended due to their capacity:space ratio, however if you prefer less piping you can easily use Large Tanks as well. As with all bases, a Spawn Point is very important. A Spatial Anchor can come in handy as well, because if your opponents manage to destroy the part of your Seabase that is connected to a pillar rising from the Ocean, the whole Seabase will immediately be destroyed.


Seabases, due to their good defensive position, are usually used as one's main base.

However, they might not always be used as a team's base of operations; because of their insane Iridium income, they might be used as Iridium sources for ground bases. Because of this income, they man also be used as places to manufacture Laser Strikes quickly.

Because of their low position and easy access to Iridium, they may be used to make Bridges over the Ocean to sneak up on an enemy base.


Seabases are very hard to raid. Attackers cannot effectively sneak into a Seabase, as it is build on the lowest elevation possible. Due to the Iridium Ocean guarding the base from all sides, the only way to attack from sides is on a Hover Barge, however they are easily repelled by Rocket Launchers. Well-placed Turrets can eliminate any incoming threats, making infantry raiding almost impossible.

A very effective tactic against Seabases is to attack it with an Artillery. Due to the base's low position, it will be very difficult for it to return fire, and the occupants do not have many choices as to where to retreat, should their defenses fail. When attacking a Seabase, aim for the support which is holding it up for one of the Spatial Anchors, if they have those.

If the Seabase if being used as an Iridium source, aim for either the Pipe leading up to the main base or the Transceiver. If the Pipe leads over Mainland, you can sabotage it and hook it up to your machinery, effectively cutting off your opponent's Iridium income and using it for your deeds.

If the Seabase is being used to create Bridges, aim for those, as they will fall completely into the Ocean, making the base useless.

Pros and Cons


  • Easy to build.
  • Hard to attack.
  • Best Iridium income in the whole game.
  • Great base for making Laser Strikes.
  • Can be used to sneak up to ground bases easily.


  • Vulnerable to Artillery.
  • Can be fragile if improperly build
  • The Pipe leading to a ground base from a Seabase ban easily be destroyed, sabotaged or redirected by your opponents.