Seats are cheap Structures that allow a Player to sit in them. They are widely used on Hover Barges.


The Seat has a simple shape. The color of the seat is #a3a2a5, a shade of gray/white.


The most common purpose for seats is to let multiple players use a single Hover Barge easily. They may be also used for traps, because sometimes players tend to accidentally sit in them while walking past. This can be utilized to slow down approaching enemies, even though it is not very effective. Even if a Seat is placed on its side, it still allows the player to sit in them. When the player gets off the seat, they will usually be placed on the back of the seat. This property allows one to make makeshift Seat ladders to traverse from the Ocean to the surface or surface to a taller tower/Spires. The last tactic is that players may place a lot of these under an enemies' base. This can be useful for when the Priority Beacon is activated, so the beams will target the Seats but will instead strike the enemies' base.

Pros and Cons


  • Very cheap
  • Allows for transportation by Barges easily
  • Can make ladders
  • Can make traps
  • Hard to see


  • Very easy to destroy
  • Not very useful otherwise
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