The spawn point is a technology building used for spawning and teleporting players. The spawn point has an iridium capacity of 350. The spawn point uses 280 iridium (80%) to spawn. When teleporting to another spawn station, 140 iridium will be consumed from both stations used.

The spawn point looks similar to an upgrade station. It has four iridium capsules that fill according to the amount of iridium stored. It sprays you with a blue particle when being spawned or teleported. There is either a yellow or red button on the spawner underneath the refill station. It will turn yellow if there is a full spawn point available to teleport to.


Spawn Points are crucial to the survival of a team, as it will allow them to die with more reckless abandon. When powering a spawn, it is recommended not to use a pipe, as the spawn point can we treated as a fuel tank from devices such as arsenals or upgrade stations. It is best to use either a Distributor Cap or a Drop Tank to make sure that iridium does not leave the spawn. In a pinch, the refill console can be used to manually refill the spawn if there is nothing providing power to it.


  • Making spawn points underneath enemy bases will help players quickly get to enemy bases and get the advantage during a battle.
  • Making mini bases with spawn points is helpful when a team's main base gets destroyed.
  • Spawn points can double as teleporters to allow fast travel between locations with the cost of iridium.
  • Spawn spamming; spaming spawns with an iridium supply or cap so that attackers cannot destroy spawn points one-shot.


  • It takes 7 satchel charges directly placed on the spawn point to destroy it.
  • As of January 4th 2019, Spawn Points will be counted as inactive if there isn't at least 280 Iridium filled in 3 minutes. (The team has to gather about 1.55 Iridium per second if the timer has started)
  • As of February 16th 2019, Spawn Points will now only be inactive if there are no players left alive in the team, meaning if there is still one member alive in the team, the inactive timer will not start. (The timer hasn't changed)
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