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Starter Island

A Starter Island is a small piece of land next to the Mainland, which teams start the game on. They have an increased number of Iridium Crystals, and a single Well Pipe. If a team starts on that island, it will have a Spawn Point for that team filled with iridium.

Spawn Islands spawn clockwise in correlation with teams going downwards on the leaderboard. For example, the team under you on the leaderboard would be to the left facing the Mainland.

The starter island is not a good location to build a base, as it only contains a single well pump and is very easy to topple. Enemy players can sneak under the island with a laser drill and break the terrain at the bottom, which causes the entire island to fall into the iridium ocean. If your main base is on the spawn island, it is advisable to either connect it to the mainland, or use a Spatial Anchor to prevent it from falling.