The Starter Turret is a turret designed to temporarily protect teams early game to counter Rushing.

The Starter Turret is similar to the Point Defense. It has have 1,700 health, and it is placed on each Starter Island, on the tile closest to the Mainland. It has more range and be more accurate than the Point Defense. It doesn't need iridium to operate, but self-destructs after the first 7 minutes of the game passes. Instead of firing shots, it shoots a constant beam that doesn't stop if a player is in its range.

Pros and Cons:


  • Very powerful and accurate
  • Very long range
  • Does not have to be built
  • Provides good protecting against Rushing
  • Destroys enemy blueprints


  • Temporary, disappears after 7 minutes
  • Moderate health, destroyed with several hits from a Rocket Launcher
  • Solely for defense
  • Can easily be avoided using a box barge