The Transceiver is a line-of-sight Iridium transport mechanism. It is similar in nature to the Distributor, with several differences.

If two Transceivers are placed, and there is nothing blocking a straight line between the two Transceivers, a two-way flow of Iridium will happen between the two Transceivers. This flow will interrupt if something obstructs one of the devices, but the connection is not limited to two units.

Transceivers are often used for connecting outposts and hard-to-reach places, such as from an Sea Base to a Starter Island, or from a Skybase to an outpost on the Mainland.

One very effective strategy is to create a tall tower made out of Ladder Blocks, and then place a Transceiver on top, connecting it to the Well Pump below. Then, when a Transceiver is placed on top of a Hover Barge, it will quickly refuel the Barge's Iridium supply, allowing effective portable Artillery bombardment.

The design of the Transciever is a distributor without the outer rings. This model was once used as the model for the old Distributor.

Pros and Cons


  • Great for easily transporting Iridium between two outposts
  • Makes it easy to connect several scattered Well Pumps to a base
  • Great for refueling Barges mid-flight
  • Can't be redirected by opponents like normal pipelines can


  • Easily block-able by opponents
  • The Spires can obstruct the view
  • They cannot go through your own team's shields.