The Turret is an automated defense structure that will automatically fire on anyone not belonging to the team through the use of iridium. It uses 6 iridium per shot. The turret has a large range and can target people from far distances. The turret's aim is not perfectly accurate and can hit enemies more easily if they are standing still.

Turrets will not fire on intruders unless they are within the turret's line-of-sight. They will, however, try to shoot through shields, even if they belong to enemies.


Because of its low iridium usage per shot, players can use a distributor and distributor cap to power the turret. This is recommended and is often used as the distributor's rays can reach easily where pipes normally can't.

Because the turret does not do that much damage and doesn't have perfect aim, turrets are usually placed in large numbers. This ensures that at least a few bullets hit a moving enemy and deal enough damage.

Alternatively, the Point Defense can be used instead as a more expensive, but significantly more effective solution.

Pros & Cons


  • It is very cheap, costing only 125 iridium.
  • It is a long-range defensive building that is a great deterrent against enemies.
  • The turret has a very fast reload time and does not consume a lot of iridium.


  • Its accuracy is very bad compared to most other weapons and turrets.


  • When making mini-bases on the mainland, you should always have 2 to 4 turrets to protect your base from enemy teams.
  • Putting turrets on walls can make your turrets more effective and harder to destroy.
  • If you are not planning to build an Arsenal, then you should make turrets instead to give your base some protection from intruders.
  • If you suspect that rushers will destroy your base, make turrets to ensure that they will think twice about attacking you.


  • Turrets are known to glitch out and fall through the floor when making blueprints for them. To fix this, try rotating your turrets a little bit before placing them.
  • BusyCityGuy has a vendetta against misspellings of turret. Spelling turret as 'turrent' in the Discord will be met with a disproving X on the comment, while correct spellings will receive a checkmark instead.
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