The Upgrade Station is a similar design to that of the Spawn Point, although you can't spawn or teleport in it. It is used for upgrading your personal armor, jetpack, iridium storage, and portafab speed. When you step near the center of the Upgrade Station, smoke emits from the panel and you are greeted with a screen with all the different upgrades you can get. Next to the buttons with the upgrades, it shows the amount times you've gotten the upgrade. You can only have 3 of the same upgrade at a time. When you press e on the desired upgrade, if you have enough iridium it will be extracted from your system and a blue particle will spray on you giving you the upgrade. It also plays a sound that plays when you respawn or teleport in a Spawn Point.


The upgrades you can get in the upgrader are armor, jetpack power, iridium storage, and the portafab speed. The armor increases your protection against essentially everything in game. The jetpack power is pretty self explanatory. The more it is upgraded, the higher you double jump on the second vault. The iridium storage fundamentally just increases the amount of iridium that can be stored in your player's backpack. Finally, the portafab speed when upgraded decreases the time to do anything with the portafab. This includes collecting iridium, and building. When you reach the max level of a specific upgrade, it will show "MAX" instead of a number.



Tech \ Level 1 2 3 4 Total Cost
Portafab Speed Free 125 250 375 750
Armor 250 500 750 1500
Tank Capacity 325 650 975 1950
Jetpack Power 150 300 450 900


Tech \ Level 1 2 3 4
Portafab Speed (iridium/s) Variable
Armor (hp) 100 115 130 145
Tank Capacity (iridium) 100 200 300 400
Jetpack (thrust) 8 16 24 32


Portafab Speed might be good for creating an arsenal next to someone's base. This could be useful because you can collect crystals faster and distribute your iridium faster. Armor is pretty straight forward. If you are planning to raid and worried they might have turrets and you get hit, the armor could protect you from that a little longer. Tank Capacity could also be raiding. Since all weapons in game require a reliable supply of iridium on the player, you could max out your iridium so when you are raiding with a minigun, or with any gun of your choice, you can continuously shoot for a longer time period.


It has been reported that sometimes when opening the panel before it finds out you had already gotten the upgrade, people can constantly upgrade themselves by repeating this process.

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