The Valve is a special pipe that toggles Iridium flow. It is often regarded as a flexible alternative to the Cap. This is because unlike the cap, it can be turned on/off to regulate iridium flow. However, the valve takes up several times more space than the cap. To manipulate the valve, the player must hover their cursor over the handle and press E. The handle will rotate 90°. The handle's position indicates the valve's status: perpendicular to the pipe means the valve is closed, and parallel means it is open. This can be useful for allowing/blocking the iridium flow from important devices such as the Spawn Point, so it's tank does not get depleted when an expensive item, such as a late armor upgrade, is manufactured.

Pros & Cons


  • Very flexible
  • Don't have to destroy a cap every time you need to reconnect something
  • Not too expensive


  • 5.2 times more expensive than caps (5 Iridium)
  • Many times bigger
  • Can get a player confused in a very large piping system
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