The wall is the most basic defensive structure. Its a large wall that can be placed to block oncoming attacks. It is too tall to jump over with an unupgraded jetpack, and has a slant on top to make this even harder. However, because of the slant, piping over a wall is very time consuming and a pain. The wall is not too expensive, meaning that a couple can be placed without consuming too much iridium. It has lots of health, as several strikes from the powerful Artillery are needed to take it down. It can be repaired, however, because of it's large health pool, it will take a long time, especially if is being damaged from the other side.

Many players place Turrets on the wall and connect them with pipes. However, it much effective to hook the turrets up to a Distributor with Distributor Caps, as due to the wall's slant, piping over the wall is very ineffective. The top of the wall also has space to walk on, and little walls to partially protect the player from attacks.

Almost all bases have walls, as its the most basic protection. They can be used as a defense against cruise missiles, as shields cannot block them. Walls can also be placed to protect small bases around the mainland or to use them as a cover for in-combat situations.

Although not meant for it, sideways-placed walls can act as short bridges or platforms to stand on above the Ocean, or as a platform for skybases.

Pros and Cons


  • Cheap
  • Efficient
  • Massive, hard to get over
  • Have walkways on top
  • Great place to put your turrets
  • Have a large health pool


  • Piping over a wall is very inefficient, time-consuming and painful; a distributor is much more effective
  • Take very long to repair
  • The little walls on top of the walkway are greatly a pain for building, Turrets placed on the edge tend to fall off, having to be removed
  • Attackers with max jetpack power can easily jump over the wall.
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